Partnership with Varbi

Varbi has integrated Flipbase video technology their recruitment system, so as of now you can add video to your application process!

Staffing & video: where to start?

With video Staffing Associates improved candidate experience & engagement on social media and increased the number of job applications with 65%!

Shining at Web Summit in Lisbon!

We are super grateful to be selected by Web Summit to be a part of BETA startups and to be able to showcase our product for such a wide audience.…

The relationship between company culture, brand, and video

How can you make sure your brand is aligned with your culture? And how to set up a 360° culture branding strategy and get everyone in your team…

How I got hired thanks to video

Video is the perfect tool to get to know your applicant and to show your authenticity! Why waiting for an interview whilst you can introduce each…

Partnership with Myrecruitment+

Myrecruitment+ video enables candidates to apply with video. The videos are available for review within the candidate profile of the ATS.

7 reasons why you need video in your strategy

As we have become more selective about what we focus on, video is an effective way to grab attention. It's not a nice to have, but a must!

Enexis – video adds personality to your resume

Video technology helps Enexis to discover the applicant's mindset and motivation during the recruitment and selection procedure.