Higher conversion rate with video job ads at Royal BAM Group

Job ads consisting of authentic smartphone video content convert faster because of the real & unfiltered feel to it.

Amart Furniture: video will soon take over the recruitment market

By making the shortlisting process faster and simpler through the use of video, we were able to close roles way faster.

2.0 partnership with Saba/Lumesse

Together with Saba/Lumesse we take our existing collaboration to the next level with the introduction of the integrated “video brand” feature.

How to convince my colleagues to record videos?

Afraid of getting in front of the camera? With the following tips, you will convince even the shyest person to be the star of your video!

Pon employs higher quality candidates with video applications

Quality above quantity for Pon. Video raises the standards from the beginning, resulting in extremely motivated candidates.

Making a good selection faster with video

By adding video to our process we could make a great selection in less than 10 minutes! Normally it takes as twice as long!

6 video applications that make recruitment more personal

Is written text is effective as it is used to be? Use these 6 video applications you make your message more powerful and personal.

Applying with video at Municipality of Zuidplas

The municipality of Zuidplas gets great results with video: 50% less time spent on unnecessary first interviews!