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February 1st, 2021

Heading overseas - A South African partnership with SAMTRA

The pandemic has increased the global acceptance of the use of video. Research has even shown that two-thirds of talent acquisition teams and HR leaders have made use of virtual recruitment tactics with 82% intending to keep the new methods post-COVID. Flexibility is key in the new climate and video can give you the opportunity to speed up your recruitment process. So how does a South African company use video in their daily recruitment process? In this short customer story, we’re heading overseas and talk to the South African Marine Training Academy (SAMTRA) about how they use video in their process.

Recruiting the best seafarers

SAMTRA, located in Cape Town, is a maritime education and training company. Besides high quality and professional courses, they also offer real-life simulator training. Officers, Cadets and other personnel are trained to enter the international maritime industry. They strive to remain the cutting edge of maritime training and thus have a strict recruitment process. Recruiting the top of the market candidates, how does SAMTRA do that? Sheldon Gumbrill, training officer and head of recruitment at Samtra, tells us how they recruit the best seafarers.

Flipbase & SAMTRA: A perfect match

SAMTRA’s recruitment process is set up in three phases. In the first phase, they select applicants - often students - based on their CV, (maritime) motivation letter and college degree and some other checks. In the second phase they use Flipbase, and they end with in-depth interviews in the last phase. Gumbrill: “We want to have the capacity to do larger numbers in the future, without getting hung up on capacity issues. That’s why we decided to use Flipbase in the second phase”.

Maritime workers

Maritime motivation video in one minute

Their candidates are asked to record a 1-minute video, explaining why they want to work at sea and what they perceive to be the greatest advantages of this career. Gumbrill: “As always with this sort of thing, there will be some misinterpretation of the question asked. Candidates also tend to be a bit pretentious, but that is normal. Overall, they react quite well and are very enthusiastic”.

Flipbase as part of the toolbox

It is too early to tell, to see what the effect is of the implementation of video on the long term. However, in the short term, they do see the potential of video for SAMTRA. Gumbrill: “It is early days, yet it looks like it is going to help us save time in the recruitment process. We are pretty stringent in our selection, and I am confident that we will continue to find the candidates we are looking for with good accuracy - not only with Flipbase but using it as part of the toolbox”.

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