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June 19th, 2018

Ontex uses video assessments for their Global Graduate Program

Thanks to the involvement of the employees, Ontex has grown from a small family business to an international company in the field of personal hygiene products. They are the heart of the company and are driven to work based on five values that form guidelines for the realization of their strategy and vision: a growth towards an even more people-centric organization.

To make this happen, Ontex needs the right people. In addition to the experienced professionals, also the youngsters who dare to take risks and face the future with an open mind. Therefore, Ontex has developed a Global Graduate Program: an exclusive 18-month program in which the candidates are continuously coached and challenged; with the purpose to discover and grow their potential together with Ontex. Also this year four juniors were given a unique opportunity to work at one of the Ontex locations worldwide.

What did they have to do to get accepted?

Lisa Verstraete, Group Talent Acquisition Specialist (Belgium), shares the insights of the recruitment and selection process for this program:

Picture of Lisa

The selection process is quite tough and consists of five parts with a lead time of two months. The procedure is as follows:

  • Job application
  • Intelligence test
  • Video assessment
  • Interview by phone
  • Live: business case

A total of 230 young candidates applied, of which 70 passed the intelligence test and were invited for a video assessment. This is the first time that we have used video during our recruitment process.

Recruitment process Ontex

Why did you choose to use video in the assessment?

Nowadays the young generation is willing to record a video for an application. For us, it is important that they are open to new challenges. Since the youngsters are the new generation of Ontex’s ambassadors, we want them to be able to use video during the Graduate Program. At the same time, it provides a good first impression of the applicant in terms of ‘cultural fit’ and motivation early in the process.

For the video assessment, they had to choose one of Ontex its core values and explain in 60 seconds why it suits them the best.

You only had a chance to be invited for the next round if you submitted a video. Of all the invitations we have sent, we received 52 videos which mean 75% have done the assignment. It has resulted in creative videos; the candidates took us on a journey, not only did we get to know their characters but also their family and friends. It was clear to us who went extra mile to get the job.

Has video made the recruitment process quicker or easier?

Our lead time remains two months, so it did not necessarily make the process quicker. However, the video has improved the quality of the applicants compared to last year. The technology offers you additional information about the candidate besides the CV and a telephone conversation.

Do you think video has prevented unnecessary first acquaintances?

Yes, video combined with a telephone conversation has ensured that we were able to make a better choice for live interviews earlier in the process. Also, it gives you a great opportunity of freedom; being able to view their videos at any time. Especially when you have a high amount of applicants, having time is scarce. Likewise, the video gives you a more complete image of a person.

Next time I will do differently:

Encourage Ontex employees to record personal employer branding videos, we need to show our culture too. This will help future candidates to identify if there is a cultural fit. Also, I would request the applicants to answer multiple questions in the video when applying for a vacancy. The video will remain a big part of our recruitment process.

Ontex Global graduates of 2018:

The graduates of 2018

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