Faster selection process with video
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August 23rd, 2018

Susanne Hamer, HR Business Partner at Fluor, uses Flipbase video technology as part of the selection process for their Business Management Traineeship.

This traineeship is a three-year program for which Fluor annually selects four candidates. During the three years they will be trained in four different areas within the commercial disciplines Project Controls & Estimating and Supply Chain.

Fluor developed this traineeship a few years ago because of the strong demand for more leadership within the commercial disciplines.

Video as part of the recruitment process

In order to qualify for this traineeship as a candidate, you need to have a technical bachelor's degree and a (non-technical) master's degree. It is also important that candidates have affinity with the oil & gas industry and that they have a commercial mindset.

The first phase of the selection process includes candidates having to submit their CV, short motivation and grade lists.Then they have to submit a video of one minute using Flipbase (see the recording module below). A total of more than 100 applications were received this year, of which 67 passed the first selection criteria for a technical bachelor and a master. These 67 candidates were asked to submit a video.

"We have used video to see and get to know the candidates in a different way than just through a resume. It gives a good impression whether someone can present themselves. Lying on a sofa while recording a video is of course a no-go."

Uitnodiging om een video op te nemen met Flipbase
Cultural fit

Screening 67 candidates can be quite challenging.But instead of reviewing the resumes in detail, Fluor can now review videos and make a quick selection of who is and who isn't suitable for the traineeship. The use of video makes the process much faster, in comparison with the traditional way of assessing resumes and motivation letters.

"Normally it takes about 20 minutes to review a candidate in detail and you still don't really get to know their personality. By looking at a short video, in addition to a resume and motivation, you can decide whether someone is suitable within 5 to 10 minutes."

Still a bit exciting and new

100% of the candidates submitted a video without problems. Some experienced it as being quite exciting and mentioned that it took them a few takes to record the perfect video. This makes sense though, of course, practice makes perfect.

“Video gives candidates, who do not fully meet the requirements, a chance to progress. This also applied to one of our candidates in the last traineeship. He did not have a technical bachelor, but his video was so appealing that we invited him for our Selection Days."

Together with the selection team, Susanne invited 16 candidates for an assessment and and live interview. Of the 16, 10 were eventually invited to the Selection Days. This included making and presenting interactive business cases during a two day program. The case on the first day was a group presentation, the second day a role-play that involved negotiations. The best four got a permanent contract at the end of the second day.


By adding video to the selection process, Fluor has been able to screen the candidates faster. They also had better cooperation with the business and other recruitment colleagues.


"We are very satisfied with the candidates who have been selected and look forward to their arrival on 3 September!"

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