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February 9th, 2021

Discovering the candidate’s personality by using video

Did you know that research has shown that there is a relationship between personality and job satisfaction? Therefore, an assessment of a candidate’s personality can be very helpful in the recruitment process. Making the right fit is crucial, since happy employees radiate their happiness towards your future clients! In this customer story we talk to Leonie Vrauwdeunt, resourcer at the Dutch pharmacy Kruidvat, and her experience with Flipbase.

Get to know your candidate’s personality

Leonie uses Flipbase in the first phase of her recruitment process, directly after a candidate has applied for the vacancy. Leonie: “When the application of the candidate comes in, I always approach them via WhatsApp.” In her message, she asks for their availability and also adds the link to the Flipbase recording page. Leonie: “I tell them that we’re happy they have applied for the job, and I give them the possibility to record a short video of themselves”. She values the short videos since it gives a good impression of the candidate. Leonie: “The communication is mostly via WhatsApp, and therefore it is fun to get to know the person behind the nice conversations. Also, it says a lot about someone’s personality. Someone who dares to record a video is often also confident enough to stand their ground in the store and not afraid to approach customers.

A method that facilitates creativity

So, how did the candidates react to the option to record a video? Leonie explains that she often receives a lot of video responses in her inbox. The type of videos is diverse. Leonie: “Many candidates tell me that they find it a fun way to apply for the job. Sometimes candidates ask me if they can also upload a photo instead of a video since they find it a bit scary to record a video of themselves. I then explain to them that it is not obligatory to go to the next round, it is only a fun addition to their application!” The candidates are asked to explain why they want to work for Kruidvat and what they will add to the team. This question can be broadly interpreted and sometimes leads to fun stories. Leonie: “One time I received a video from a young man who applied for the shelf-stocking vacancy. He explained that he was very creative, loved to entertain people and was not afraid to approach customers. While he was recording, he was also performing a magic trick! This was very fun to watch.

Happy Kruidvat shop staff

The added value of video

Previous to her job as a resourcer, Leonie tells us that she also worked as a store manager at one of the subsidiaries of Kruidvat. As a store manager, you normally have the candidate right in front of you and base your decision on body language and the way they talk. Leonie: “Since we now interact via WhatsApp, it is sometimes difficult to assess how someone really is and to decide if they are the right person for that specific subsidiary. The short video really helps in this case, and it gives the store manager the ability to ask more targeted questions during the job interview”.

Identifying direct results from the usage of video is challenging. However, Leonie indicates that it saves her time in the recruitment process, and she recognizes the value of video. Leonie: “The candidates that record a video are very enthusiastic, and I notice that many people that I place at subsidiaries are hired!”.

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