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March 1st, 2021

A 97.7% success rate by using Flipbase’s on-demand video questions

Brabantia, founded in 1919, is a Dutch company that creates products that enrich your everyday chores and routines. It all started with producing milk cans and jugs, and now, 100 years later, you can find their household products all over the world. Their roots lay in the province of Brabant, but they have offices and production facilities reaching from Austria to the US, and from China to Finland. Brabantia has not only innovated their product lines but also innovated their recruitment process. Last year, they decided to add video to their job application process and started using Flipbase’s software. This customer case with Petra Hasselo, HR manager at Brabantia, will show you how!

The job application made fun

The hiring process of Brabantia is divided into three steps, of which Flipbase is used in the second step. Petra: “We first make a selection based on the candidates resume and motivational letter. Then, 15 to 20 candidates receive the question to record a video, and based on that we choose candidates that we would like to invite for an interview”. In the past four months of Brabantia using Flipbase’s on-demand video questions in their hiring process, they have experienced a 97.7% success rate of the video question. After inviting 45 candidates to answer a video question, they only had one dropout, Petra added: “everyone finds it a fun thing to do”.

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A broad resume

The impact of the implementation of Flipbase’s video software is different for each firm. That’s why we’re always curious to hear how video adds value to our customer’s processes. Petra: “A video of the candidate literally adds an image to the CV and the letter, and makes it possible to make a decision based on more information”. In the case of Brabantia, they don’t apply video to speed up their application process. Yet, they use it to get a better image of the candidates. The advantage they perceive is the extra information with which they can make better matches and hiring decisions.

A great mismatch

Some videos stick to mind because of their originality, enthusiasm or unexpected content. Petra tells us a story about a candidate who was reluctant to record a video at first. Eventually he had the courage to expose his vulnerability and submitted a video. Petra: “I rejected the candidate based on his video! The video that he recorded was an incredibly powerful portrait of a confident person. I realized that he would be more at his place at a higher function than he applied for. This was his greatest rejection ever, and at the same time he proved that Brabantia was an organization that he really liked to work for.”

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