We at Flipbase want to make recruitment more personal, effective and fun.

As a recruitment professional I'd like that too! But how?

By integrating video in your everyday work.

Interesting! And by 'integrating' you mean in my current recruitment system?

That's right! We can be integrated in any recruitment system.

That's great! But what is in it for me?

There are multiple benefits of using video in your process:

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Higher quality candidates

Don't miss out on hidden talent, by also taking soft skills into consideration

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Lower cost/time to hire

No more preparing, scheduling and conducting unnecessary live interaction

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Better collaboration

Recruit together by making your colleagues part of the processes and interaction

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Prevent biased decisions by assessing candidates with multiple people

Excellent! At which stage in my process should I implement video?

That depends on the procedure, but here are some examples:

Video Motivation

Video Motivation

Video Questionnaire

Video Questionnaire

Video Presentation

Video Presentation


That is quite flexible! Do other companies use video like this yet?

They sure do. Our technology is used in various industries, all over the world.

You've got me! Can I see more?


Of course! Just schedule a demo and we will meet soon.

Sounds like a plan!