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December 9th, 2019

Staffin Associates, franchises HappyNurse, Carrière Uitzendbureau, Career Factory choose Flipbase video technology to collect video content of the labels. During the Recruitment Tech event of 2019, Sheima Josodimedjo shared the challenges, her action plan, and some great results!

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Pilot Flipbase and manual

With the pilot, the franchisees were able to test the video technology for a month. Flipbase created an account for each label and gave the headquarters (Staffing Associates) a super admin account, which meant that they had an overview of all the labels. Each label had its own login to the video library that was linked to the recording pages. This way the marketing department of Staffing Associates was able to maintain an overview of the video content created by labels at all times. Sheima made an extra (video) manual in which she explained to the franchisees about the purpose of videos and how they could use the platform.

Create a support structure

Sheima explains that it is important to have a designated person who supervises the project and clearly communicates the importance of video internally. This allows the franchisees to create easily accessible video content and use it to recruit candidates.

Create and share video content

With Flipbase, the franchisees can create videos themselves and manage them in the online video library. From here they can add the video to the vacancies, website, e-mail or social media posts.

Example application

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How do you tackle the challenges with Flipbase?


Not being able to make time to record videos is a frequently used excuse. Video is seen as a nice to have and therefore given a low priority.

Through a simple invitation flow of Flipbase, colleagues can easily record video content. No hassle with creating accounts or sharing files through third parties like Airdrop or WeTransfer. All the recording pages have clear instructions about the purpose of using video thus recording and managing videos becomes a lot easier and faster.


Being on camera can be experienced as scary. Not everyone is suitable to be in front of the camera, so it might be difficult to find ambassadors within the organisation.

Flipbase gives employer branding video workshops in which the participants receive video tips & tricks and get started with recording employer branding videos. Being on camera becomes less scary and more fun!


Because we are very self-critical, often we are not satisfied with the recorded video, the content or how we sound. Even after recording a video, we are often scared to publish it.

Flipbase video technology focuses on authentic video content. That means authenticity over perfection. The videos are mainly used for quick content purposes like enriching a vacancy text with video to show behind-the-scenes, social media posts and internal communication with the candidate. So, the content does not to be super slick or perfect as long it is authentic and created fast. This way you don’t have to hire a full video production company.


If you decide to start with video, you have to be consistent with creating video content. We often feel unmotivated after one or two videos, because it does not deliver the desired results, or simply because it is not yet in our system.

In order for the project to succeed, it is important to appoint a person who will implement the video strategy internally and motivate colleagues about the use of video. Once there are a number of success stories, they can be shared internally and with the business. This creates a buzz amongst other colleagues because they see the added value of video and also will start using video in a consistent way.


“Buzz” on social media

Promoting vacancies with video has created a buzz on social media. And that is reflected in the number of likes, comments, and shares. See for example the post from Kitty below.

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Improved candidate experience

Before the introduction takes place, the candidates received an e-mail with a video explaining the procedure, this makes the communication with the applicant more personal. Videos from other labels were also highly liked, this helped the candidate to get a view of the work environment and where the first meeting will happen.

More applications and better match

We have analyzed the last 4 vacancies and see 65% more applications when the vacancy contains a video. In addition, they have been able to fill vacancies in a shorter time.

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