We are super grateful to be selected by Web Summit to be a part of BETA startups and to be able to showcase our product for such a wide audience. It’s crazy to be invited for:

“The best technology conference on the planet” – according to Forbes

Last year, when we were dreaming for #flipbaseworldwide, adding this hashtag to all of our Instagram pictures, this year our dream is starting to come true! Here is a little recap of the highlights of Web Summit 2019:

Day 1 – Arrival in Lisbon:
As soon as Bram and I arrived in Lisbon we noticed Web Summit visitors everywhere in the airport. Directions to the event site were well indicated. Collecting our tickets right at the airport was super easy and fast. All attendees got a bracelet and a key cord with a big tag displaying your name, company, and QR-code so everybody could scan each other via the Web Summit app and get in touch. This turned out to be very useful since the event counted 70.000 attendees. Also, the Web Summit organization divided all startups into two groups, namely “ALPHA” and “BETA”. ALPHA’s were startups that were still in the beginning phase and represented mostly just ideas with no working product yet. BETA’s were startups that were already in business for some time and/or raised over a million in capital. We were happy to see that we were assigned a BETA tag.

Day 2 – Event:
This was our first day at the event and the only thing we’d expect, although a little biased by our CTO Ron, was good food. When we arrived at the Web Summit location, which was approximately a 20-minute metro ride from our apartment, we were overwhelmed by the magnitude of the event. Not only the size of the event site or the number of attendees but also by the size of the staff (that included a lot of volunteers as well). Even though it was very busy that first morning we passed ticket control and security smoothly. Once inside it looked like one giant professional, not at first glimpse technical, fair with dozens of stages and hundreds of stands. We agreed to go our own way whenever needed to get the most out of it, taking into account the distances between some stages. We gathered together for lunch a went to see a very interesting speech by Des Traynor, co-founder of Intercom, which was the highlight of the day in terms of inspiration. He pointed out that retention is like the new conversion. Since the software is not purchased once but mostly sold as a subscription or license (just like at Flipbase) it is more about keeping your clients rather than converting them to sign up for your product once.

Day 3 – Event:
On the third day, we knew what and where to look for because we familiarized ourselves with the location and atmosphere the day before. We spoke to many startups active in the HR/recruitment industry. A lot of interesting things going on and we noticed that the greater part of all startups is leaning towards AI technology as their core business. In our opinion, this should be the other way around: define your business goals and then decide if you need AI technology to accomplish them. Anyway, it seems to be “the next big thing” for startups and the mention of AI certainly adds a ring to it for investors.

Again, on this day a lot of interesting speakers were hosted, but one of them stood out for us. This time not because of the words were spoken but the impact and fame of this particular person. The one and only Ronaldinho (one the greatest Brazilian football players of all time) came on at the Center Stage of the event, with a football obviously. It was something many people looked forward to and definitely made an impact on a lot of them. This act also showcased how widely known and reaching Web Summit is.

Day 4 – Time to shine!
D-day. The day we really got out of our way to promote Flipbase. All startups were assigned a day and a physical stand to promote their company, their ideas, and products. Some to connect to investors and raise capital, some to partner up with other companies and some just to network. Our main goal was to raise awareness of our brand and products amongst anyone even slightly interested in what we do.

Because everybody approached us with a different goal we got to tell our story from a lot of different angles, which made us realize even more how flexible our product is. For us personally that was the beauty of this day. Of course, by the end of the day, we had a huge stack of business cards, but the real win was that we got to know our product even better.