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September 5th, 2018

Pon offers excellent working conditions and therefor has the luxury to choose from a large number of applicants. But to develop strong brands such as Volkswagen, Caterpillar, MAN and Gazelle, Pon needs entrepreneurs and achievers, who are not afraid to take initiative to come up with fresh ideas.

So in the search for the perfect candidates, how do you know who is really motivated? Lotte van den Berg, Corporate Recruiter at Pon, assesses a candidates motivation by adding video to the selection process. With the question:

“With which Pon product would you like to travel the world and why?”

She challenges applicants to show their creativity, reviews personality and selects the most suitable candidates for the organisation and position.

Lotte has been using Flipbase’s video technology for the past two years and is happy to share her experiences and results.

For which positions do you mainly use Flipbase’s video technology?

We mainly use Flipbase for recruiting Management Trainees and commercial roles, but also for positions where we expect a large number of applications. When someone applies for a job, we ask to submit a video in which they are requested to answer the (above mentioned) question in 30 seconds. The video serves as an extra reviewing method, which is a great addition to the regular resume and motivation letter.

On average, how many applications do you receive?

For our Management Traineeship we receive around 150 applicants per procedure.

How do applicants respond to having to submit videos?

Very good. We’re telling the candidates during our events and in the vacancy text that video is part of the procedure and which questions they have to answer. This way the candidate is prepared for this, before applying.

Picture Lotte

What I really like about Flipbase is that it saves me a lot of work when selecting candidates. A video lasts 30 seconds, but you get a very good impression of a candidate. In addition to the resume and a letter, the video offers additional insights into what a candidate is really like.

What is the added value of video for you during the selection process?

During the selection process, I regularly encounter candidates which, based on their resume, I have doubts about. A creative video can really help us decide whether a candidate progresses to the next round or not. In the vacancy text I always indicate that creativity is very much appreciated and I always explain this during our events too. Every now and then we get hilarious and incredibly creative videos and this can definitely get a candidate to the next round, because personality is as important as someone’s experience and knowledge. You can immediately see the personality in a video.

Has video made the selection process faster?

I now spend half the time I used to on reviewing a candidate, it takes me less than 10 minutes per candidate! In the videos I can directly see who stands out, on the other hand, I also can identify whether they have the Pon DNA in them.

Do you think that video prevents unnecessary first acquaintances?

Absolutely! We are looking for certain type of candidates for our Traineeship and you can already partly see whether someone meets the requirements. Here at Pon, the attitude, communication skills and creativity are very important. In a video, someone can of course show these features very well.

Do you share the videos of candidates with your colleagues, before inviting them for a live interview?

It depends on the video. Every now and then when I see a very creative or funny video, I share it. Also in case of doubt I share the video with a colleague to think along with me. This way i can review and check whether my opinion matches that of my colleague.

Is the cost per hire lower since you have enabled video applications?

Although this is not very crucial for us, it does speed up the process. We are able to select the best candidates faster with video which means our hiring process has become more efficient.

Do you feel that video has helped you to achieve a better cultural fit?

I think so. We can link our values ​​to the question we ask candidates and this way we can prevent a possible mismatch with our culture. The Flipbase video technology has a significant added value to the process, including higher quality candidates. You are raising the standarts from the beginning and the candidates who apply are extremely motivated and have delved into our organisation(s). The screening of candidates is also much faster and we can recognise a first cultural fit based on, among other things, the video.

What I will do differently next time:

The question we ask the candidates at this moment seems to work very well and they can definitely give an answer within 30 seconds in their own creative way. I am not going to change that. However, we are currently working on a new employer branding strategy, which will help us make an even better match in the future.

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