Partnership with Varbi

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January 9th, 2020

The Swedish recruitment software Varbi Recruit is a user-friendly tool thatis used daily by 38,000 recruiters from various industries and by our own DutchNOS! We are therefore proud to announce a partnership with Varbi! What does itallow Varbi users to do?

Video as part of the application form

Because Flipbase’s video technology is fully integrated into Vabri’s recruitment system, recruiters now have the option to have the candidates answer questions in a video. You can choose this option in the application form (per vacancy). You can also adjust the text and set the duration for a video recording. You can find the submitted videos and have them played back in the candidate profile. How nice is that? Now you have a complete picture of the candidate: a resume, a motivation letter and thanks to video a good impression of his personality!

At Flipbase, we see video as an addition to your existing recruitment process. We think it’s important that the process remains as efficient as possible, therefore using additional software next to current Varbi recruitment system would not be user-friendly. After all, you don’t want another system alongside all other systems that you use. The collaboration with Varbi is a good example of a complete integration of video, where you can use it as a tool in various stages of your recruitment process. Ease of use and flexibility guaranteed!


Invitation to answer a question in video

Use video as a pre-selection step by asking your candidates to answer the questions in video after a candidate has submitted the application. Share the submitted videos directly from the candidate profile with your colleague for an extra review.

No unnecessary phone intakes, skype calls and face to face meetings as a recruiter. Get to know your candidate earlier with video! Are you ready?

Well … Andreas Hansson is for sure! During the Varbi days, he enthusiastically presented the video tool in the application process! View the sensational announcement here 🎥✨

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