We have had customers in Australia for a few years now. Though, we didn’t have a dedicated recruitment technology partner, until now! We are glad to announce a full white-label partnership with Myrecruitment+!

As you know, we focus on adding video to an existing workflow as an integrated resource. “Video should not be a product, but a resource within an existing system”. It gives you the possibility to apply video in any stage of your recruitment process.

Myrecruitment+ used the Flipbase technology to create Myrecruitment+ video. This option is available for all Myrecruitment+ users (both for in-house recruiters and agencies).

What is Myrecruitment+ video?

It is a video screening functionality within their applicant tracking system (ATS) leveraging their users to apply video in any stage of their selection process. It gives users two very flexible options:

  • Add video recording to your application form
    Choose to which job ad you want to add video questions in the application form. You can make the question(s) optional or mandatory and give the applicants a certain amount of seconds to answer the questions.

  • Add video recording to a questionnaire
    You can add a questionnaire as an extra selection step. In this questionnaire, you can request video answers instead of written answers. You can have one or multiple questions answered in video and also choose the duration of each answer. These questionnaires can be sent to one or multiple people in one click.

Where do the videos end up?

Where you would expect them to! Within the candidate profile, you will have the possibility to playback the videos without having to leave the profile. This makes it very easy for you and your colleagues to review the applications.

With this partnership, we hope to make the life of Myrecruitment+ users and people applying for these companies a lot easier and the workflow more efficient. No more unnecessary acquaintances!

Curious to see how it works? Set-up your free account of Myrecruitment+ and try it out now!