In 2020, almost 50% of the global workforce consists of millennials. How can we attract this group, if we want them to work with us?

The ‘Y generation’ (born between 1980 – 2000) is a much-discussed topic and we all have different opinions about them. Millennials, for some, are more entrepreneurial and ‘tech-savvy’ than the previous generations. While for others, they appear lazy, self-centered and spoiled. Millennials are job-hoppers but at the same time desire to have certainty, spare-time, and money. They want to have cool colleagues and the possibility to work flexible hours. What’s the truth?

One thing is certain: employers need to keep up and find new ways to attract and retain this group. Where to start?

Highlight what’s important.

Let’s start with the job ad you want to publish on your career website or social media channels. Make sure the job ad copy is easy to scan. Keep it short and catchy, 1/2 A4 paper is more than enough. Highlight the aspects that might be attractive to millennials; an indication of the salary, the possibility to work flexibly or remotely, training and courses, Frankie — ‘the office dog’, a Nespresso machine, unlimited fruit & snacks. Mention the opportunities the millennial will have when working for you. Which positions can the new team member grow into? Storytelling is a great way to explain certain responsibilities since this type of technique is easy to consume.

Show, don’t tell

Ok, so you have written the perfect job ad that is also search engine friendly. Now we need to make your job ad visually attractive. Content with relevant visuals receives 94% more views than a job ad consisting of text only. Also, visitors will stay 2.6 times longer on your page, if it includes video. So keep in mind that it’s essential to add relevant photos and videos of your office, plants, chill spots, your team & the neighborhood.

 According to Forrester Research, a one minute video is 1.8 million words worth.

Millennials do feel comfortable to present themselves in a video, so offer them the opportunity to apply with video. Ask them a question that might be interesting to answer in video, or create an assignment with multiple questions. Video can be used as a filter during the application procedure; both parties can quicker see if they are a match or not.

Make the best use of Social Media

Life without social media is impossible for most of the millennials, and they like to spend (a lot of) time online. Use social media channels to start a conversation with your candidates, include visual channels such as Instagram in your strategy; your presence on their favorite channels creates an attachment to the company or brand, although they are not currently looking for a job. Facebook advertisement can be used for targeting specific audiences to stay on top of their minds. Linkedin is an excellent source to share knowledge and insights, company updates and all of your culture branding stories.

58% of the millennials value authentic video content (e.g. Instagram stories), while 61% of the baby boomers still favor traditional (informative corporate) video’s.

To sum up: HR-professionals must recognize that millennials have different needs and the approach must be done through other communication channels, if we compare it to the previous generations. Recruiters can take advantages of the possibilities of video (technologies) and social media. Only in this way you can show the millennials what you can offer is also what they are searching for.

Curious which ‘forward-thinking approach’ will fit with your recruitment strategy? Let’s talk!