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September 3rd, 2019

With tears in my eyes, I had to say goodbye to the amazing team at ABN AMRO. Why? I failed the WFT-exam resit. Which meant I did not have the required financial knowledge to continue to help the customers at the bank. How will I find a new job that fits me in a short time?

I needed to clear my mind, so I bought a whiteboard and some markers at a discount shop. I asked myself what I love to do and answered by writing the following things; freedom, being creative, personal development, storytelling and presenting. After filtering a bunch of vacancies, a few remained. Scanning was a tiring task since all of the job advertisements consisted of long paragraphs of text. I noticed that most of the companies were looking for the same type of requirements in an employee; entrepreneurial attitude, someone who is creative and a team player. Also, what they could offer in return was very similar; Friday afternoon drinks, a competitive salary, superb working conditions. “Hmm… It seems like all vacancies are just copy-pasted.” I thought.

After scrolling through the remaining job ads, I came across a vacancy with a video, which was new to me! In the video, the team described in one word what it was like to work at Flipbase.

“Responsibility, freedom, personal/professional growth, creativity, cooking together and going to festivals.” To me, it sounded like a great employer and some of the things that were mentioned, matched with what I wrote on the whiteboard.

The video made me very curious about the team! I quickly googled Flipbase and found several interesting blogs about the use of video in the recruitment process and employer branding. Also, I came across interesting content about the company; pictures and videos about colleagues, the office and fun Instagram stories. After scanning several video posts, I started to get to know the team. Sonan studies and creates music in his free time and there is probably someone with a Russian background since I noticed a picture of Matryoshka dolls, with a description saying that the items at the office represent the team.

They also won the Recruitment Tech Awards 2018 with their employer branding video technology. To me, this meant that they were innovative and competitive too, nice! Flipbase believes their video technology helps recruiters find the right candidates and at the same time it makes the recruitment process efficient, personal and fun. Video is a great addition to the recruitment process and employer brand communications. In the past, I have often been rejected because my CV did not meet the requirements. “If they could see how willing and driven I am about the opportunity, they would definitely be convinced…”

Thanks to all the (video) content I was able to create an idea whether or not I saw myself working at Flipbase. And yes, I could definitely visualize that.

The application process at Flipbase started with a video assignment where you had to answer the following question: What was your biggest challenge last year and how did you conquer it? After recording my answer 3 times, I was finally ready to upload the video. “Pff… I really hope they will like my personality.” Soon I received a video invitation from Alina. YES! I was on to the next round. During the interview, I felt a bit nervous but this feeling was instantly gone. Probably because I already ‘met’ Alina through all the available (video) content. Never felt a job interview so… comfortable and fun?!

By the way, the Matrjoshka dolls I talked about earlier are from Alina! She told me she is born and raised in Sint-Petersburg :).

After accepting the email invitation to meet the co-founder Bram Tierie, we finally met each other in a cafe next to the office. I liked the idea of not having a meeting in a regular office room.

The interview lasted an hour but it surely was everything except dull! Time flew and it was noticeable since there was a mutual click. Afterward, I met the team and played a bit of ping pong, which I unfortunately lost… The boys are competitive! Have I mentioned how awesome the office was? It was so bright, spacious and it gave you a homey feeling. It was even prettier in real life than in photos and videos!

I was pretty sure that I had convinced them about my skills and personality. However, several times I experienced that my positive expectations about an interview were just off. I would later receive an email or a phone call to be notified that I did not get the job. The reason? “I was not that experienced enough.” It will always be difficult to lower your expectations but to make sure I would get anyhow a job, I continued searching and applying for other job positions.

I hardly got a good image of the work culture and future employees when it comes to the other companies. I find it very important since you spend the majority of your time at work. I want to contribute to an idea that offers a great solution to a problem. Something that is innovative, different and new. And of course, being a part of a team where we can get the best out of each other. So, my effort is well spent if I work for a company where I will feel at home. I think it’s unfortunate that we, applicants, only have the chance to meet the team and get a taste of the work culture when we are invited for an interview. What if we can get a short introduction to the culture before? Maybe we would be able to see quickly if there is a cultural fit. If so, perhaps it would be a motivation to put even more effort into the recruitment process, and if not we can just apply somewhere else?

There was no reason needed to be unsure about my qualities. Just a week after the interview I got a video message from Alina

“Do you want to join the Flipbase team? ⚡️⚡️⚡️”

I have never been so happy about getting hired… I immediately shared the video link with my friends and family. They were as excited as me and I can tell you, we all watched the video at least 10 times!

After negotiating, we both agreed that I would start as an Online Marketing Specialist at Flipbase from the 1st of April. I would write and publish content about the use of video in the recruitment process and for employer branding purposes for our website and social media channels. Together with Alina, we would give employer branding workshops, so companies can attract the right talent by showing their work culture. I will have so much freedom to work out my creative ideas! Did I just tick off everything that is written on my whiteboard?

Shortly after, I received an onboarding video (how awesome!) in which Alina briefly explained what I could expect in my first week at Flipbase; office rules, which tools and software I will use, weekly meetings and some fun facts. As I became a bit nervous for my first day, this was exactly what I needed; essential information that is shared in a personal way. It gave me a feeling of being welcomed, especially when they said they’re excited to have me in their team!

Is it weird to say that I am happy to eventually fail the WFT-exam? I believe that rejection is just a positive redirection. It made me think about what I love to do and eventually find the courage to apply for a job that corresponds to what I noted on the whiteboard.

And time flies! For almost 5 months I have been creating content about the power of video in a storytelling way at a super cool and innovative video technology startup. But just as important is to have a great team where everyone has their own unique personality. Thanks to all the (video) content, it has been possible for me to create an image of the work culture and the team. Meeting them has also confirmed my expectations. I am very excited about the future of video in the recruitment process.

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