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March 19th, 2019

Higher conversion rate with video job ads at Royal BAM Group

It’s quite remarkable that still not a lot of companies use authentic videos, such as vlogs and team testimonials in their labor market communications. This is a missed opportunity because you can tell so much more in a video than in text. With video, potential candidates can get to know your culture, the team, and the company activities in a super personal way.

We spoke to Ilona te Dorsthorst about experimenting with video in order to boost the conversion rate of the Royal Bam Group job ads.

Why did you decide to use the Flipbase employer branding module?

Fortunately, video nowadays is seen as the (main) mean of communication. Consumer behavior is changing due to all the digital developments. We scan texts and are either immediately triggered or we scroll on. With video, you can grab the viewer’s attention faster and also tell more in the few seconds you have to convince someone to read on or click through. Video is already fully integrated into consumer marketing. We watch videos to review a new washing machine or when we buy a new dress. If we do this with products, why, not for recruitment?

Flipbase makes the creation of video content super easy. After all, the reason not to use video is the fact that it is time-consuming and expensive. Both are true, but there are also in-between options. I personally think recording videos with your smartphone is authentic. You can see that the videos are real, not scripted and unfiltered. That is beautiful. After all, candidates want to hear the real story when they are on the hunt for a job.

What was your biggest recruitment challenge and how did the Flipbase video module help with this?

In the current job market, we have plenty of recruitment challenges and it is incredibly difficult to distinguish yourself from the competition. One of our challenges is that we see a difference in the number of candidates who view the vacancy and click on the application button, so intend to apply, but do not complete this application. This is a shame. In order to trigger the candidates more and to get to know the job in a different way, we have succeeded in improving this conversion rate with Flipbase.

Where and how did you use video? (website / social media, advertisement?)

We placed the video in the job ad, posted it on social media and in the network of our colleagues.

What was the result compared to traditional job ads only consisting of text?

We received more applicants, a total of 24. We were able to invite 5 of them for an interview. This is a high conversion rate for us (20.8%). We have welcomed a new colleague for this position, so we are very happy with the results.

See the video used in the job ad below!

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