Dear recruiters and HR professionals,

I am wondering: why does almost all labor market communication consist of written text? Do you believe that text is still an attractive and effective mean of communication?

Mostly, when you’re applying for a job, the procedure already includes sending a quick video, because it shows so much more than your resume and a motivation letter. Why do we still see so little of the team behind the products & services, their departments and their stories?

With these 6 video applications, you can personalize your recruitment process!

Job ad

Text, so much text…  A long list of job requirements and a very few bullet points about what you get in return. After the first paragraph, I already wandered off track. As I scroll down, I’m looking for some visuals that show me who I am going to be working with, to be sure that I will fit the company culture. I click on ‘About us’ section, where I see find the photos of the team. They seem like a cool group of people, but I’m searching for more.

If only they added a video to this job ad in which the team could explain a bit about the position and their work environment… 

Thank you page/Thank you e-mail

Normally I see the following message when I click on the ‘Apply’ button and end up on a thank you page.

Thanks for your application! We will contact you as soon as possible.

Then I receive an autoreply e-mail, and usually, it is not even from the responsible recruiter, but from a ‘standard’ recruitment e-mail address such as

Your application at the XYZ

We have received your application for the Marketing Manager vacancy in good order. We hope to send you a response as soon as possible.


Recruitment team XYZ

I frown: they ‘hope’ to send me a response as soon as possible? So maybe I don’t even get a response? And how fast is ‘as quickly as possible’? Is that 1, 2 or 3 days? A week? Two? And if I still have questions meanwhile, who can I contact? Of course, I don’t want my question to end up in the general recruitment mailbox and get lost there.

You could also replace this text with a video:

Invitation to an interview

In this step I usually get a call asking if I want to come to a conversation, then a number of data via email follow. But very often I also receive emails like this:


I would like to invite you for your first interview regarding your application for the Marketing Manager position. Would you like to call me on 06-12345678 to make an appointment?



Of course, I am happy to receive such an email, but I wish it would be more personal.

But what if she sent me a personal video?


Thank you for applying for the position of Marketing Manager at XYZ.

We have looked at your resume with interest. Although we were impressed by your background and experience, we have opted to continue to talk to candidates whose profile matches the vacancy even better.

In any case, thank you for your interest in XYZ. With your permission I would like to save your resume in our database, so that we can always contact you should anything be released in the future.

Good luck with further applications!



If you were so impressed with my skills, what kind of superhero did invited to the next round? I am almost uncertain about my knowledge and skills because it is still not clear to me what I cannot do. GDPR-friendly, that yeah. I tried to reply, asking for clarification, but I never heard from XYZ again. That’s unfortunate.

Tip: you can also make a rejection a little more personal by at least indicating that you are prepared to explain why someone was not hired. Good for your ‘candidate experience’, because with this information the candidate is better prepared for the next application! In addition, he/she will continue to feel good about your brand or company.


Yaaay! You got the job! Congratulations! You will receive an e-mail stating that you still have to tick off some administrative matters.

Welcome to the team!

As discussed earlier by telephone, you please see your contract attached. Could you please ready through it and sign the copies sent?

I look forward to seeing you Monday, June 23 at 11:00 so that we can go through a few things



Add a funny gif of your team welcoming their new colleague to your communications and make your new team member smile!


It’s your first day at work and you are super excited! What time do I start? What do I where and what will I do? You don’t know what to expect! Record a short video with your team to manage expectations!

* P.S.: All the videos are recorded with a smartphone (iPhone 7)!

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