Level up your employer branding

How can we expect someone to be able to make a decision to apply for a job when your ad solely consists of text?

You want to see your colleagues and working environment before your first day at work. This way you are sure that you are applying for the right job/company and culture.

Our employer branding module helps to solve this challenge. From the creation and management of video content, to eventually publishing it in the right place at the right time.

We offer video technology that makes it easy to do it yourself, together with your colleagues. Making it easy to use and extremely scalable.

And… we would not be Flipbase if this new technology could not be fully integrated as a white-label solution into your existing software. That’s where Saba/Lumesse comes in!

2.0 partnership with Saba/Lumesse

Together with Saba/Lumesse we take our existing collaboration to the next level with the introduction of the integrated “video brand” feature.

From now, not only you can use video to assess and screen candidates, but you can also add video to all your employer branding communications, for example, your career page and vacancy text.

Everything you need to stand out, all from within your Saba/Lumesse environment.

Duncan Miller, Senior Marketing Director – EMEA at Saba Software, explains the added value of video in recruitment:

Want to see/know more? Please schedule a video call and we will discuss the possibilities!