About Flipbase

We are a software company with the mentality of a pioneer, always trying to be ahead of the market and constantly searching for and developing new technology.

At Flipbase we always put customers first, we keep our technology as simple as we can, we do things differently to be able to innovate and that means you have to dare to make mistakes.

Core Values

Keep it stupidly simple
Dare to make mistakes
Do things differently
Always put customers first

Key departments


This department focuses on getting our solution to the attention of the right target audience. This includes sales, marketing and partner management.


This department focuses on putting customers first and making sure that they use our solution in the best way possible to achieve their desired results.


They know what (potential) customers are looking for so we are able to build the right things at the right time.


This department focuses on building our software. They know best how to translate the needs of (potential) customers to cutting edge technology.