Give an authentic image of the work environment and colleagues

Strengthen your labour market communication with real video content

Benefits of video

In your labour market communication

Get attention from more candidates by presenting vacancies more visually.

Increase the quality of applicantions and prevent mismatches later in the process

Give work seekers a real image of the work environment and future colleagues.

Increase the reach of your social media messages and make campaigns visually more attractive.

Personalize rejections and/or invitations with a message recorded by a recruiter

Enrich the onboarding of new employees

Produce, manage and publish video content together with your colleagues

By adding video to your labour market communication you will give workseekers an authentic impression of the organization, the work environment and future colleagues.

It is important to give a real impression, in stead of a corporate scripted video.
Surely, it is rather strange that you do not know where and with whom you will work until you first working day!

With the Flipbase employer branding module we give you a resource to easily record manage and publish real video content in your labour market communication

How does it work?

Invite colleagues

Invite one or more colleagues via the employer branding module to record a video.

Give your colleagues suggestions and if needed tips so all necessary things are covered in the video.

Receive and manage videos

You will receive an e-mail notification as soon as a video has been recorded. Within your dashboard you can view and manage all videos.

Publish videos

Via your dashboard you can approve and directly publish videos. Via an embed code or social media link you can publish the video (player) directly in your labour market communication.

Want to know or see more?

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