An image of the person behind the resume within 30 seconds

Video recording and playback functionality completely integrated into your recruitment proces and system

Benefits of video

in the recruitment process

Receive a first impression of candidates early in the process

Give candidates an extra resource to distinguish themselves

Do not assess candidates solely based on hard criteria, but also on soft skills

Recruit more efficiently by involving the vacancy-holder in the process

Prevent unnecesary first acquaintances

Increase the quality of first acquaintances

You decide where, how and when

With which vacancies

Video is an effective resource for a lot of vacancies, yet not relevant in every situation.

What the candidate presents

You can apply video in different ways. You can ask candidates one or several questions or present them a case/assignment for example.

Where in the process

Video can be used in several stages of the application process. You can decide, per vacancy, where it has the most value for you.

Where does video fit in your recruitment process?

Part of the application

Give applicants the possibility to distinguish themselves from others

Instantly after the application

Automatically invite every applicant

After a first selection

Invite one or multiple candidates at once

In the presentation to a vacancy-holder

Present the best candidates to the vacancy-holder via video

Why Flipbase?

No extra login needed

Both video recording and playback are fully integrated into your current recruitment environment. You do not need to login to another system to use Flipbase.

Within your current workflow

With one click you can invite one or several candidates to record a video or add the video recording possibility to your application forms.

Directly accessible within your recruitment system

The recorded videos will automatically end up in the correct candidate profile within your current recruitment environment. In the candidate profile you can directly playback the video and if applicable, share it with colleagues

No new software

Candidates and recruiters do not need to download software or apps to record or playback videos.

Fully responsive

Both the recording and playback functionality are fully responsive and thus easy to access and use on a smartphone or tablet.

On every device

Users have several options to send their video: via webcam, by using the camera on a smartphone/tablet or by uploading a video.

Recording time

You have the possibility to change the maximum recording time per procedure.

In every language

Ranging from Dutch to Chinese, we support every language. The language can automatically be adjusted based on the browser settings.

Flipbase is amongst others integrated in:

Flipbase is amongst others integrated in:

  • “ Using solely a resume it is hard judge if a candidate fits the vacancy and company. Using Flipbase we have an extra tool that can confirm any doubt, or contrary, that can prove a good fit. ”
    Esther Kuipers, Unique
  • “ The Flipbase video applications has made the selection proces of candidates more effective and fun. ”
    Kadriye Demirel, Schiphol
  • “ The recruiting process for our Agrifirm Traineeship programme is strongly supported through the Flipbase video tool, as it gives a very good first impression of the candidates. This innovative approach also appeals to the candidate itself and it has a positive impact on the employer brand. ”
    Gert Jan Nagel, Agrifirm
  • “ The Flipbase video tool creates a significant time efficiency during the recruitment process, as only a written CV does not get the candidate‚Äôs motivation and presentation across. ”
    Maikel Boksteen, 2Trust
  • “ Thanks to the launch of Flipbase video tool, more candidates are being presented at our clients ”
    Richard Groeneveld, Someone
  • “ Using Flipbase we can send a video besides a regular candidate profile and CV. Candidates can introduce themselves in a personal and creative manner. Both customers and candidates value this new way of introducing. ”
    Koen Buddenburg, Unique Hoofddorp

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